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El Yak designs and leads mountain biking trips and vacations across the Himalayas (Nepal and Tibet) for experienced, leisure and beginner bikers, while focusing on responsible tourism as well as promoting local culture.

Travel off the beaten track

Off the beaten track

Our trips are designed after years of experience and research. The trails are secluded and you'll definitely get your adrenaline fix.

Giving back to the local communities

100% Local

The communities that we ride through are directly benefited from your trip. That's just one way how we give back and contribute to the community.

Your down-to-earth guides are easily among the most accomplished cyclists in Nepal.

Awesome guides

Your down-to-earth guides are easily among the most accomplished cyclists in Nepal. Besides their status as national athletes, they know the trails like no other.

El Yak Female Guide Training

Female Guide Training

Cycling in Nepal has thus far been dominated by male riders. Collaborating with altitude-hardened women mountaineers, we are determined to break this trend for good.

Cross Country Trips


We ride through villages and farmlands of remote places in the Himalayas. These trips combine are suitable for all levels of riders and require moderate fitness.

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All Mountain Trips


For more advanced riders, our all-mountain biking trips give you an opportunity to combine thrill and culture in one punch.

Culture Trips


A pleasant ride through quaint villages, lush farmlands, ancient monuments and natural wonders highlight our culture trips, best suited for everyone.

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Special Trips


We combine here the best of the Himalayas and mountain biking to showcase Nepal's finest beauty!